The Happy Couples Guide To Reducing Conflict

How to Reduce the Negative Effects of Conflict with the 5 Rs

You can turn conflict into a healthy and productive conversation.

No matter how happy your relationship is, you are bound to have conflict from time to time. Since conflict is inevitable, why not learn to work through conflict in a healthy and productive way?

Have you ever been discussing an issue with your partner and, before you know it, the conversation has escalated and gotten out of control – and you have no idea how it happened?

Have you ever had an argument with your partner only to realize the following day that you can’t remember what you were arguing about?

By following these 5 steps you can protect your relationship from those out-of-control moments. You can feel confident discussing issues with your partner without escalation and blowups. Additionally, you can lessen the frequency and intensity of conflict as well as disrupt the pursuer-distancer pattern that can be so destructive to relationships.

This 21-Page Guide Includes . . .

  • 5 detailed steps for reducing conflict
  • Helpful worksheets for enhanced results
  • The ‘two part talk’, which is a method of communication that I have developed over the years in my work that helps couples to have better conversations
  • Important considerations on the topics of timing, going to bed angry, and patience

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The Happy Couples Guide To Reducing Conflict

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